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IR + UV Flame Sensor (KFD-1200)

IR + UV Flame Sensor (KFD-1200)

It is a system to detect the flame by analyzing the flame detection signal inputted from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR).


  • High-performance flame sensor using UV/IR sensor
  • Early fire detection and extensive zone detection
  • Innovative reduction of non-fire alarm

Product Information

Model name KFD-1200 KFD-1201
Effective sensing distance 30m 50m
Type UV / IR (ultraviolet / infrared), indoors, outdoors, explosion-proof
Viewing angle 90°
Protection class IP67
Operating temperature -30~+80°C
Humidity 0~95%
Working voltage DC 24V
Output Relay output (A/B contact selection), RS-485, 4~20mA
Size 150 × 105 × 85 (mm)
Material Aluminum, die casting