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R type complex receiver

R type complex receiver

R type complex receiver provides convenient and easy operating environment suitable for complex industrial environment by customized fire monitoring system of industrial site. It is a product considering convenience and safety equipped with noise isolation device, network fire receiver, emergency broadcasting integrated function, remote check fire detecting function, smart IoT remote monitoring.


  • Easy installation of P type receiver (only for extinguishing equipment control panel) and R type receiver
  • Minimization of non-fire alarm through noise isolation application and UPS device
  • The IT Fire Detection System connects the network of several receivers
  • Built-in integrated amplifier for general broadcasting and emergency broadcasting
  • Real-time remote monitoring of contamination and malfunction of sensors
  • Remote monitoring of major events such as fire signals by smartphone based on IOT

Product Information

Model name KNFR-1
Input voltage / circuit voltage AC 220V, 50Hz~60Hz / DC 24V±10%
Number of repeater connections per 1LOOP Up to 250
Maximum number of circuits per LOOP Input / output 1000 circuits (4 circuit repeater connection)
Standby power DC 24V 7A
Operating environment -10~50°C 85% RH
Relative humidity 90%
External dimensions 600 x 2000 x 600 (mm)
Built-in printer / Color 80-color printer (optional) / Black