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P-type grade 1 complex receiver

P-type grade 1 complex receiver

P type grade 1 complex receiver is a complex receiver that lights the fire indicator LED on the receiver when the transmitter or the fire sensor is in operation. It can alarm and use gas system and water fire extinguishing system.


  • Industrial site customized receiver with control panel for fire extinguishing facilities in large industrial sites
  • Each circuit is composed of 1 slot, so that everyone can operate fire monitoring and fire extinguishing activities.
  • Ethernet can be connected to integrated fire monitoring system

Product Information

Model name KNFP-1
Input voltage AC 100 / AC 200V±10%, 50Hz~60Hz
Standby power Ni-Cd battery DC 24V
Power protection Built-in UPS
Operating environment -10~50°C 85% RH
Relative humidity 90%
External dimensions 600 x 2000 x 600 (mm)
Outer material 1.2mm steel plate
Color Black