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3M Novec ™ 612 is ideally suited to replace SF ^ 6 (need to be corrected) by preventing molten magnesium dioxide in magnesium casting processes.
Gas Mixer is a mixing and venting system designed to use these advantages of Novec ™ 612. It adopts a vaporizer system instead of a server blur, and it can be used in the site of Mg plant by implementing mixed concentration through simple operation and adjustment.


  • The vaporization temperature is 49.2 ° C (120.6 ° F) and in the liquid state at room temperature.
  • SF6 ever crack performance at a lower concentration (1/10) than SF ^ 6(need to be corrected)

Product Information

Properties Nobec 612 Fluid SF^6
Boiling Point ℃(℉) 49 (121) -63 (-83)
Typical Use Concentrations (volume %) 0.01-0.1 0.1-6.0


Model name Mg Cover gas(Novec™ 612) & Gas Mixer
Flow rate Low flow rate – 1cc/m ~ 19cc/m (0.85g/hr ~ 15.42g/hr)
High flow rate – 100/m ~ 1,000cc/m (85g/hr 850g/hr)
Cylinder 20L, Stainless Steel
Heater max. Temperature 110℃
Compressed gas N₂ Compressed(1ℓ/m ~ 20ℓ/m)
Dry Air 0 ~ 2ℓ/m