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NAGA Smart Fire Door System

NAGA Smart Fire Door Solution

NAGA SMATRT FIRE DOOR, which has been recognized for 3 hours of non-fire resistance performance from overseas, is responsible for your safety.


  • In case of fire, fire door will be closed automatically by interlocking with sensor.
  • Real-time monitoring of open / close status (within 10 seconds when a fire occurs)
  • Real-time monitoring through LTE-M wireless network by using integrated monitoring room and personal portable device


ㆍ Integrated fire control monitoring
ㆍ Real-time monitoring of fire door
ㆍ Monitoring of fire extinguishing equipments at small place
ㆍ Fire monitoring system
ㆍ Real-time monitoring of gas leakage

Fire Extinguishing Event History & Statistics

ㆍ High-rise building statistics
ㆍ Complex building statistics
ㆍ Factory statistics
ㆍ Event statistics
ㆍ Device statistics


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