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i-KMS Platform

Wise 1A

NAGA ™ Wise 1A is an information communication data collector device based on the LTE-M method of 3GPP standard. Based on the wide coverage of LTE networks, it collects and transmits data of servers and devices, and provides a solution to dramatically reduce investment cost of Smart Factory Sys installation.


  • Input: Digital 5 circuit / 4 ~ 20mA 1 circuit / ADC 2 circuit supported
  • Output: 24V 1A supported
  • LTE-M module type
  • Internal heat dissipation algorithm supported by temperature and humidity sensor
  • Self-diagnosis function

Product Information

Size 160 x 100 x 180 (mm)
Method LTE-M cat.1
Power supply DC 24V (battery : option)
Security TLS 1.2
Certification KC Certification
IP67 /
Usim : KT /
KT network compatibility certification (QAT)

IoT Smart Factory

KMS Platform Service “i-KMS” is a customized industrial IoT Connected Smart Factory Platform.
“Wise 1A” Data Collector device is connected with production facilities and various sensors to provide services such as operation of facilities, event monitoring and big data analysis to meet your needs.

i-KMS fire control system platform introduction

Management View

  • Research and design of control monitoring scenarios
  • Real-time data processing research and design (server, control application communication)
  • Control application scenario research and design

BigData Analysis

  • Data analysis design
  • Event log & alarm design
  • Send disaster SMS
  • Linked to local autonomous traffic information center

BigData Collector

  • Fire protection (Sensor / Receiver) standard interface definition
  • Communication protocol definition TCP: (JSON), Serial: RS485, etc.
  • Fire equipments (sensor / receiver, etc.) Standard interface definition (partner cooperation)
  • WIFI, 3G, LTE, LTE-M, Ethernet / Serial Communication (RS485, RS232)

i-KMS Platform control service


  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Monitoring of fire extinguisher in small space
  • Fire detection system monitoring

Fire Extinguishing Event History & Statistics

  • Factory statistics
  • EVENT statistics
  • Device statistics


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