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NAGA QST Fire Window

NAGA QST Fire Window

Complementing plastic material of NAGA ™ Fast and adaptable disadvantage of Class A solely, NAGA ™ QST has excellent fire extinguishing performance in Class A & B fires.
It is made of aluminum material to complement durability and to reduce the length of applicator for maintenance and storage.


  • Excellent adaptability to Class A (general fire) and Class B (oil fire)
  • Simple operation of screw type can be used immediately when fire occurs
  • You can select the method of hose stream according to the fire characteristics (Straight type / Fog type)

Product Information

Model name NAGA™ QST
Material Aluminium alloy&Polyurethane
Size 573 x 122 x 238 (mm)
Weight 2.85kg
Flow rate 250ℓ/m at 0.6MPa
Operating pressure 0.6MPa
Test pressure 2.55MPa
Hose stream type Straight or Fog stream
Radiation angle 30°~130°
Others Ball valve shut-off handle
Model name Solid Foam-stick
Component AFFF type stick foam
Adaptability Class A&B
Color Red color
Others UL certification

Structure and names

How to use fire hydrant NAGA ™ QST (Operation of NAGA ™ QST in Fire Wall Cabinet)

1. Open the fire hydrant and remove the hose.

2. Separate the Pistol grip and the Solid Foam-stick box.

3. Insert the foam stick into the foam box.

4. Combin the Pistol grip and the Foam box

5. Open the NAGA ™ QST hydrant valve.

6. Aim at the nozzle to the fire and pull the valve level to release the extinguishing agent.