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NAGA QST Fire Nozzle

  • It is much more effective and has the advanced ease-of-operation because the nozzle is equipped with ball valves itself.

  • It is possible to select types of watering by situation through the control of a straight-type or radial-type nozzle.

  • Use a foam stick box and make a proportional effect itself due to turbulence.

  • General fire (class A) and oil fire (class B) extinguishing flexibility using aqueous film forming foam fire extinguishing agents (AFFF).

NAGA QST Fire Window

Complementing plastic material of NAGA ™ Fast and adaptable disadvantage of Class A solely, NAGA ™ QST has excellent fire extinguishing performance in Class A & B fires.
It is made of aluminum material to complement durability and to reduce the length of applicator for maintenance and storage.


  • It is superiorly adaptable to Class A (General Fire) and Class B (Oil Fire).
  • It can be immediately used in the scene of a fire with the simple operation of a screw type.
  • It is possible to select types of watering depending on fire behaviors. (straight type / fog type) QST Nozzle

QST Nozzle

  • Choose types of watering depending on fire behaviors (nozzle): Straight stream(0°, 30°) or Fog stream(130°)
  • It is relatively easy for fire fighters to extinguish a fire using special ball valves in an extinguishing agent nozzle.
  • It is relatively easy to control the pressure occurred in case of extinguishing agent release due to its pistol grip.
  • If a pistol grip is pulled, fire-fighting water enters into a solid foam-stick box.
  • Maintain the proper concentration of extinguishing agents through filters in a solid foam-stick box.

Solid Foam Stick

  • Foam extinguishing agents are dissolved in water, released, and extinguish a fire by cooling.
  • Thin aqueous film forming foams are shaped between the surface of combustibles and air (oxygen) (extinguishment by smothering) → It is suitable to extinguish an oil fire.
  • It has the excellent fire extinguishing performance and is long available because there is a lower risk of corruption and deterioration.
  • It is more highly concentrated than commercial undiluted solutions because it contains much water, brings an unnecessary cost increase, and achieves the enhanced ease of carry.

Product Information

Model name NAGA™ QST
Material Aluminium alloy&Polyurethane
Size 573 x 122 x 238 (mm)
Weight 2.85kg
Flow rate 250ℓ/m at 0.6MPa
Operating pressure 0.6MPa
Test pressure 2.55MPa
Hose stream type Straight or Fog stream
Radiation angle 30°~130°
Others Ball valve shut-off handle
Model name Solid Foam-stick
Component AFFF type stick foam
Adaptability Class A&B
Color Red color
Others UL certification
Name of Model Solid Foam-stick
Material AFFF type stick foam
Flexibility Class A&B
(General fire and oil fire)
Size 50 X 250 (mm)
Weight 0.55kg
Color Red color
Time of Release Approx. 20min
@ 0.6MPa
Other UL listed ingredients


Structure and names

How to use fire hydrant NAGA ™ QST (Operation of NAGA ™ QST in Fire Wall Cabinet)

NAGA QST Solid Foam-Stick Class A & B

Please insert it into a pistol nozzle in the event of fire when used!


1. Disjoin a pistol nozzle.

2. Insert a foam stick into it.

3. Combine the pistol nozzle with it.

4. Aim the nozzle towards the fire point, pull a lever, and release fire-fighting water.

Notes for Storage

1. Keep it away from a hot and humid place.
2. This solid item may become damaged, so please store it in a specified case.

Install fire extinguishers in the field of plants and buildings.