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Gas Leak Smell Alarm Device

  • Function Alarm Function Using Visual Effects

  • Function Alarm Function Using Auditory Effects

  • Function Alarm Function Using Smell Effects

  • Secure golden time with an early alarm before operating fire extinguishing equipment due to the unification of the 3-in-1 alarm function.

Gas Leak Smell Alarm Device

Gas-based fire extinguishing system warns dangerous situations with warning lights and sirens, but it still leads to human accidents workers who are repeatedly exposed to alarm signals due to ambient noise and malfunctions often fail to recognize the alarm signal.

In order to prevent human injury due to such situations, the gas release olfaction alarm system is a device for evacuating all the gas emission to the target area and evacuating workers who perceive the risk by visual / auditory olfactory evacuation from the target area. This is a system that dramatically improves the problems of existing alarm devices.


  • Warning system before fire extinguishing facility release via visual, auditory and smell (olfactory)
  • Prevent gas poisoning / suffocation
  • Use of highly viscous additives

Product Information

Model name NAGA™ LWF Snys’
Type Standard / Distributed / Straight
Cylinder 7.2ℓ, Stainless Steel, Gray color
Enclosure 420 × 900 × 270 mm, Red color
Additives (agent) Wintergreen
Compressed pressure gas N2 Compressed
Charging pressure 60bar
Protective volume 1,000㎥
Power (standby) Input : AC 220V, Output : DC 24V (Ni-cd)
System additional parts Solenoid, needle valve, flexible hose



  • Pre-guiding system and method for toxic gas release facilities (patented)
  • Pre-guiding device and method and automatic fire extinguishing system using it (patented)
  • Installation cases in vulnerable places such as loss of large plants

Structure and Names


  • Enclosure Size : 420 × 900 × 270 mm, Red color
  • Cylinder : 7.2ℓ, Mn Steel, Gray color with valve (88*96, KGS Certification, operating pressure: 14.7MPa)
  • Power: Input AC 220V / operating voltage: DC 24V
  • Odorant (agent): Wintergreen
  • Pressure Gas/ Pressure : N2 / 60bar
  • Auxiliary Battery : 1300mAh 24V / Ni-Cd
  • Jet Nozzle:4Ø, Two or Four
  • Flexible ¾inch*30cm
  • Solenoid: electronic type, DC24V 1.5A
  • Control Panel: Status Screen(LED), Auxiliary Power Check Switch, Sound Off Switch, Release Stop Switch
  • Siren: 90dB

NAGA Controller

  • Enclosure Size : 400 x 500 x 130 mm, Red color
  • Power: Input AC 220V / Operating Voltage: DC 24V
  • Output: AC220V (NAGA SYS’ Output) / DC24V (Fire Release Siren Signal)
  • Function: Automatic, Manual, Remote Control Mode
  • Fire Extinguishing Equipment Control Panel Input, Relay Station, and PLC Input

NAGA Sys’ Control BOX

  • Size: 170 x 200
  • Power: Input AC 220V / Operating Voltage DC 24V
  • Power Status LED
  • Signal / Solenoid Status LED
  • Auxiliary Power Check Switch
  • Sound Off Switch
  • Release Stop Switch
  • System Recovery Switch

Cylinder and Valve

  • Cylinder: 7.2ℓ, Mn Steel, Gray color with valve
  • Valve: 88*96mm, KGS Certification, Operating Pressure: 14.7MPa
  • Height of Cylinder: 625mm
  • Odorant (agent): Wintergreen

Odorant Recharging

  • Valve: 88*96mm, KGS Certification, Operating Pressure: 14.7MPa
  • Odorant (agent): Wintergreen