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Cabinet Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Cabinet Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (Novec ™ 1230)

The cabinet automatic fire extinguishing system is an integrated system combined fire extinguishing agent storage container, discharge induction pipe, discharge port, operating device and fire receiver. The use of Novec ™ 1230 and HFC-125 gas-based clean fire extinguishing agents with excellent extinguishing ability minimizes the loss of expensive equipments because it leaves no residues after extinguishment.


  • Convenient maintenance (system part and external wiring part are separated, enabling fast and accurate A / S)
  • Stable circuit configuration (minimization of noise / malfunction by insulation of external input circuit)
  • Intelligent protection logic (management of overall input / output control with internal MPU application)
  • Manual start protection cover (minimization of operation due to administrator inattention by using dual protection cover)


Model name NAGA™ 1230 HFC-125
Agent amount 60kg 120kg 50kg 100kg
Cylinder 68ℓx1B T _ 68ℓx2B T _ 68ℓx1B T _ 68ℓx2B/T
Protective volume 69.41m³ 138.82m³ 77m³ 154m³
Maximum installation height 3.7m
Induction tube / head For 10 second radiation
External devices Sensor A / B manual operation box, emission display and electronic siren, installation interlocking device (Voltage free contact point)
Others A / B crossover circuit, failure prevention function (automatic recovery when there is no additional input after single detection)
  • System control & power configuration
  • Voice alarm output and standby power supply including DC 24V
  • Provide convenience for testing by using AC / standby power switch
  • Dual protective cover for manual start
  • Operation status display section icon-shaped light ensures visibility and quick response
  • In case of terminal connection, manual operation box and disaster prevention system interconnection are separated by color and convenience is provided
  • Designed separate style from the control part for maintenance
  • Fire extinguishing agent storage container (container valve) and solenoid valve assembly diagram
  • Emission induction tube and container valve assembly structure