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KMS protects people and thinks about nature.

CEO’s Greetings

Connect to innovation
Based on the challenge and innovation, we will accumulate the IoT expertise of the fire safety department through continuous research and development, and realize Smart Factory, which is the best value of our customers.

“Leading I-KOREA and Industry 4.0, Leader I-KMS in smart factory.”
KMS is a strong small business designated by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and a promising small business of Gyeonggi-do. We collaborate with major domestic and overseas companies in fields such as environment, safety, disaster prevention and fire protection in various plant business fields, as the growth engines of Korea.

KMS has accumulated various experiences and technologies in the field of environment, safety, disaster prevention, fire protection, etc., and the combination of IoT area and manufacturing industry in the specialized areas. As a human resource developing company and the innovation growth engine in the 4th industrial revolution, we will work together to achieve our management vision.

Through fostering customized talents, instead of fostering uniformized talents, we have personnel and organizational structures that can flexibly cope with every situation through dialogue and communication with individuals. We will do our best to be a strong small company that works closely with various partners in different fields, consult carefully to areas that are easy to overlook in areas such as environment, safety, disaster prevention, and fire protection, while making our customers’ safety first.

In addition, we will transform the R & D system into a system that is unique to KMS, a strong small business that is shared by both of sites and researchers. We will lead the role of coexistence with other companies in the industrial infrastructure ecosystem.

As we can see from the people-oriented 4th industrial revolution, we will recognize that the growth of KMS is the growth of core talents. We will work together to cultivate various education and ethics in response to changes in future society.

We will do our utmost to human resources management and technology management so that we can become a KMS that plays a solid role in the people-oriented 4th industrial revolution.

Thank you.

KMS CEO Yong Han. Kim